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Stone Ridge Christian


Stone Ridge Christian


Building Excellence

Shaping Generations

The philosophy, vision, and mission of Stone Ridge Christian School is central to every facet of our operation. In 2000, our founders established our underlying philosophy and this has guided the growth and development of our school.

We believe the Bible teaches the primary responsibility for education rests upon parents to whom children are entrusted by God. Our purpose is to assist parents in fulfilling this

God-given responsibility.




Together with parents, and the church,
Stone Ridge Christian School exists to 
educate students in developing their 
unique God given potential.

Students will be equipped academically, 
spiritually, physically, and socially
to impact their community and 
the world for God.

Stone Ridge Christian values high academic standards, wanting each student to flourish and cultivate their potential. We value innovation and a well rounded and positive educational experience that promotes the growth of the whole child. We are committed to authentic learning so that knowledge and wisdom can be applied appropriately and with discernment.

Stone Ridge Christian is committed to building community in response to God’s call, emphasizing the transformation of the individual soul, mind, heart, and body through the work of Christ. We stress the redemptive, restorative, and transformative power of God’s grace in establishing his kingdom through the power of the Spirit in the kingdom of God.


Educationally Excellent


Stone Ridge Christian is committed to establishing God-glorifying relationships in order to promote a positive impact in the world. Spiritual growth is key to applying and implementing Biblical principles in how we serve our local and global community with integrity.

Service Oriented

Grace Filled

Stone Ridge Christian is an intentional and unapologetically Christian school community. Everything we do and teach is Biblically based and focused in order to honor God and follow him faithfully.

Christ Centered

Stone Ridge Christian is committed to building relationships as modeled to us by Jesus Christ. Being a disciple means sharing our faith boldly, showing kindness to all others, and to live joy-filled lives. By growing in empathy and understanding, we grow in grace.

Our Schools

Junior High
High School


Our Student Handbook is the basis for student conduct and academic standards.
You can download a copy of the Student Handbook Here. 

Work With Us

Employment Opportunities

We are always looking for the best people to be shepherds of our students. Please see if there are any positions that you feel in which you are qualified.





All activities are experienced through the lens
of Christian faith; guide students to understand
that God is at the center of every pursuit of knowledge.

Pursue excellence in all areas. 

Become a community and be involved
in our community.

A lasting school that has generations 
of students and supporters.

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